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As globalist elites continue to push for the end of meat consumption as part of the “green agenda,” disturbing information has emerged about an “alternative” prompted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Racial differences are brain deep.

As you may have noticed, it is not popular to suggest that genetics is a possible cause of individual differences, and distinctly unpopular to even hint that it might be a cause of genetic group differences.


Initially, it was introduced to give people who were terminally ill an option to prevent then from dying a slow painful death.

Over time, however, the laws have become more relaxed.

Canadians can now apply for euthanasia for a variety of reasons, including minor illnesses or being too poor or homeless.

A new government report on MAiD was recently presented to Parliament.

The report urges the inclusion of minors in the eligibility for physician-assisted death — without parental consent.

The United States meddles openly in the internal affairs of foreign countries on matters of race and gender. Hungary, which has been an ally and friend of the United States since the end of Communism in 1989 and is led by a conservative government that takes an openly anti-woke and anti-immigration line, has been subject to this form of aggressive, activist diplomacy.

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, regularly reminds the rest of the world that his government is opposed to multicultural and multiracial ideologies, the LBGTQ agenda, and mass immigration.

As whiteness is slammed and blackness is promoted, black Americans apparently continue to have more problems than other racial groups in the United States—with education, employment, crime, and other societal issues—despite decades of government, corporate, and charitable programs designed to help them, and despite other ethnic “minority” groups, including those that are rather new to this country, surpassing them in achievement.

Why is this? “Systemic” racism, we are told. Really?

A coalition of 21 state attorneys general sent a stark warning to dozens of financial institutions and asset managers, warning them against pursuing woke environmental and social initiatives.

In a letter sent Thursday to 53 of the nation’s largest financial institutions, which collectively manage trillions of dollars worth of assets, the attorneys general threatened to take legal action if the firms veer from the best interests of their clients while pushing social priorities.