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Purportedly due to inflation and supply chain issues, drugmakers are expected to raise prices on more than 350 medicines this month. That will put many people, who are already struggling to afford their medications, in untenable positions.

Food, Corbett noted a week earlier on his Substack, has been leveraged throughout human history as a “powerful tool of control.”

But it’s not too late to “start formulating our own plans for counteracting this agenda” of control, Corbett said.

What’s the first step? Look closely at who’s behind the agenda.

According to Corbett:

“In order to truly do something to derail the runaway train that is the Great Food Reset, we must first understand it. And in order to understand it, we have to know something about the people behind this agenda.”

Virtually no media outlet wanted to let slip the truth of who/whom pulled the trigger and shot the white teacher: a black male. Indeed, the school is 44 percent black and 16 percent Hispani c, making it mathematically obvious the shooter was by all probability a non-white child.

And yes, a black six-year old intentionally tried to murder Abigail Zwerner, a white female teacher.

BLACK SUPREMACIST LIES. Claims 6 year old black boy who shot his teacher was white.

His followers claim white boys are violent and privileged because the story hasn’t gone viral enough.

Turns out the story hasn’t gone viral enough because the violent gun toting perpetrator is a black boy.