Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) boasted a booming ten-percent growth in their oil industry as the American energy industry faces massive price hikes.

“I attended Los Angeles public schools for a bit less than half a school year, back during the forced busing of the early 1970s. Not once did I see a white student harass, bully, punch, kick, intimidate, or humiliate a black student. However, every day, I saw black students harass, intimidate, punch, kick, and humiliateContinue reading

The Supremes saved the worst for last. In their final decision, they reversed President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. That one decision just overwhelmed all the good they did.

Almost half of Americans feel like strangers in their own country, a new opinion poll has revealed. It also claims that the majority of people consider their government as a corrupt institution working against them, with more than a quarter saying it may be necessary to take up arms.

Bill Gates has secured legal approval for the controversial purchase of thousands of acres of prime North Dakota farmland, after the deal drew fury from the state’s residents.

WE MUST BE RUTHLESS AND NOT NEGOTIATE WITH THE DEVIL: We as a nation are at that defining moment when one side has to win and the other lose; there is no middle ground.

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