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The “revolutionary technology” developed by the company Davista will be used to track student behavior and then alert authorities if it “deviates” from what the system considers to be normal “baseline” behavior. The system “empowers organizations to identify risk and take action before the projected risk becomes a consequential event or incident,” the Dallas independentContinue reading

We need to Name the Jewish Power. Why not? Jews never missed an opportunity to name and blame the White Goy, even for things that whites aren’t guilty of or solely responsible for. And Jews simply won’t relent in the game of Pin-the-Honkey despite their dominant position in society, indeed the entire world. The JewishContinue reading

We’re ruled by Jew-designed ideologies – black supremacism, transgenderism, feminism – whose elite enforcers are as evil and arrogant as they are incompetent and inept. In other words, they’re evil clowns. Among much else, the evil elite clowns are determined to tear down the borders that maintain society and civilization. For example, transgenderism is aboutContinue reading

Anti-whiteism is alive and well in this country. White people need to watch their surroundings and stay armed because one never knows when or where a black predator will show up to end your life for absolutely no reason other than being white.

Exactly why ancestral groups have varying IQs remains controversial, but the fact that they do is not disputed among the well-informed. A general rule of thumb among researchers has long been that whites and blacks differ in average IQ by about one standard deviation. “Racial intelligence differences are real, large, crucial for understanding American society,Continue reading

The Rockefeller Foundation has announced that it is partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO) on plans for the United Nations health agency to override the laws of sovereign nations and “usher in a new era of global collaboration.”

‘This place deserves to be shut down’: Migrant hotel employee reveals the ‘free for all’ of drugs, sex and violence inside New York City’s The Row since it was closed to tourists to make room for border crossers.

Fatima sounds like a protégé of Ilhan Omar – another privileged migrant from a third world slum who came to America to tear down her adopted country. Maybe Fatima will marry a brother some day, too?