Beware of woke Churches, pastors, priests and money grifters that profit from their fake faith. Popular ‘Christian’ Rapper to Derek Chauvin: ‘Don’t Drop the Soap, Hoe’

Until people don’t understand that they’re all in on it, with very few exceptions, this country is lost to the elites. Until the GOP fights like Dems, there’s no point in winning elections

But the drug cartels don’t get banned from social media giants, they’re free to recruit teenagers and turn them into human smugglers. American Teens Are Now Being Recruited By Cartels on TikTok To Smuggle Illegals For Cash

The controlled opposition lying again. The alliance is among them three (communists, Jews, and Muslims moving to the West) to destroy whites. The conniving Jew always tries to remove his blame from the picture. But check all the people in Government, “Justice System”, Hollywood, MSM, Tech Giants and Mega Corporations that are Jew (or marriedContinue reading

Why do whites keep calling those black affirmative action graduates, “professors”, they didn’t earn it! The universities and colleges they attend, intentionally dumb down the classes so morons like this one can pass! Therefore, this prick has no intellectual authority to speak about ANYTHING serious!

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