Don’t become a statistic. Accept reality. This is a WAR, and the police is handcuffed by the corrupt elites that actually control everything, they can’t help you. Man Radicalized By BLM Videos Stabs AutoZone Employee 7 Times — Wanted To “Find A White Male To Kill”

It’s a REAL WAR! Take it seriously! The problem with conservatives is that they think that their enemies have their same morals, empathy and work ethics. When in reality, these criminals are cookie cutter evil c*nts here to KILL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! No more no less! When they chant “Death to America” in IslamicContinue reading

SEND THE MUSLIM CRIMINAL BACK TO SOMALIA!! Omar is not even her real last name! She’s here ILLEGALLY!! Ilhan Omar, An Immigrant Who Became A US Representative Making $174,000 A Year, Complains About ‘American Oppression’

ARM YOURSELVES!! This is a civil war!! Just because MSM hasn’t announced it as such, doesn’t mean it isn’t one! WATCH YOUR BACK AT ALLTIMES! WATCH: BLM Supporter VICIOUSLY Attacks Random White Man With Brick In Baltimore As Onlookers Laugh — “White Lives Don’t Matter”

Take your country back from the muslim invaders!! Now they prance through the streets of America claiming Islamic supremacy while aiding leftist terrorists burn your cities, towns and neighborhoods!! DEMAND REPATRIATIONS!! This kind of disgusting display of Muslim supremacy never was allowed in New York City until Muslim-panderer Bill DeBlasio became mayor

The witch doubles down on the invasion! ANGELA MERKEL reveals she has no regrets over the 2015 Muslim invasion, claims she would let a million more Muslim migrant-wannabes into Germany again

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