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Yet nobody arrests these mother f-ckers, our treacherous leaders keep calling this terrorist scum “protesters”, gaslighting the sh*t out of tax payers as if we were retarded. This is the disrespect we get from our government as we slave around working and giving them our hard earned money. Time to start withholding our taxes untilContinue reading

Glad to see this mother f-cker finally legally targeted. I hope once Antifa starts being arrested like the terrorists they are, they capture that ginger piece of sh*t and jail him for YEARS for ruining the lives of so many. And that his leftist enabling family become social pariahs for raising that human feces. LawsuitContinue reading

Everybody worries about the muslims in China. But just like in the rest of the world, nobody cares or mentions our Christian brothers and sisters in China. Who are also being persecuted by the CCP.

NAH! That can’t be! The only type of crime that exists is white on black! 🥴 🥴 Hey Bill de Blasio, I was told that you're not allowed to shoot a person In the Backkkk, even more if he's Blackkkk. Since we're here, do you still think that NYC is the safest city??#clown —Continue reading

Don’t surround cars, MORONS!! Nobody is gonna stop to get beat up and possibly killed! Move out of the way!! Streets are for cars, SIDEWALKS FOR PEOPLE (or morons in this case). WATCH: Protesters Still Haven’t Learned Not To Stand In Front Of Cars — Denver Police Detain Driver After Hitting Protester Who Attacked HisContinue reading

The Islamic infiltration in USA has southerners and hispanics conspiring in Islamic terrorist attacks in USA. CAIR and SPL have brought the Islamic invasion to previously very Christian and conservative areas. THE ISLAMIC INVASION IS REAL.Take it seriously! ARRESTED! Two converts to Islam allegedly planned terrorist attacks on Trump Tower, NY Stock Exchange, and “placesContinue reading