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The U.N. is a sick entity. The world is a joke to them. Assigning human rights’ violators to Peace Commissions, and now, Islamic female abusers a seat on Women’s Rights Commissions. How absurd, insulting and ridiculous. The U.N. must be DEFUNDED and dismantled!! Afghanistan secures seat at the UN Commission on the Status of WomenContinue reading

The bill not only gives cash to illegals. It makes illegals unable to be deported, and the traitor companies who hire them immune to fines or consequences for hiring illegals over citizens and legal residents. Even when there’s job crisis everywhere in this country. It also would force ICE to release detained illegal aliens inContinue reading

Yet ANOTHER BLACK shit killing innocent white children. But you know it won’t be called a hate crime, it’s only a “hate crime” when a police officer or a white kills a black criminal. This entire society is fucking SICK! Even in Latin America, with all the gang violence and drug cartels, they usually allowContinue reading

Pedo Democrats think they can just abuse minors without consequences. Now you’re getting sued, Dementia Joe! Lawyers For Kyle Rittenhouse Set To SUE Joe Biden For His LIE That Kyle Is A ‘White Supremacist’ In New Post-Debate Ad

Don’t allow them to “find a way”. Send them back! The invasion must be stopped and REVERSED!! Illegal Muslim invaders are “demanding” to be allowed to cross the Serbian border on their way to Europe

Yet these leftists want more fatherless households so all men and women become adderall addicted nutjobs like this one. Broken families is the worst that can happen to a civilized society. And these Marxists promote exactly that. Single mothers struggling to support their children, children being raised by the State only (via public schools), promotingContinue reading

The few decent politicians left in the Democratic party, fighting against election fraud. Laudable indeed. Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Stands Up To Her Own Party — Calls For Ban On Ballot Harvesting, Citing Scandal Exposed By Project Veritas