FBI agents could be seen outside the Texas home of Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, Wednesday conducting unknown law enforcement activity. “The FBI was present in the vicinity of Windridge Drive and Estate Drive in Laredo conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity,” the FBI said in a statement to Fox News. “The FBI cannot provide further commentContinue reading

MAYBE IT’S TIME TO SHOW THIS UNELECTED GENOCIDAL TYRANT THE WAY OUT: Billionaire lockdown fanatic Bill Gates has warned that ‘much deadlier pandemics’ in the near future are going to kill millions of people unless world government’s do exactly as he says.

THE IRS JEW IS DOING THIS TO US: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the US will require people to submit a facial scan through a third party provider to make payments or file taxes online. The system raises obvious privacy concerns. Currently, users only require a username and password to log into their IRSContinue reading

Another kind of Big Tech consolidation that has so far attracted much less attention, although it is in many ways far more fundamental in the long run, is the control over the internet as a whole, including its physical infrastructure like the 800,000 miles of fiber optic cables that currently connect continents and countries.

Les Wexner is intimately tied to Jeffrey Epstein, yet no one is seeming to ask any questions about the jewish billionaire’s connections to child trafficking. It’d be anti-semitic to do so.

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