Let me guess, now they’ll give blacky a quick bail out and a medal for killing a ton of old whiteys? Because this is what “justice” is in America now. The negro can just kill anybody, and he gets a go free card 80% of the time, while also claiming victimhood, and more so ifContinue reading

The Salvation Army is a prime example of Christian cuckoldry. It is so committed to “social justice” that it is pushing BLM, CRT, and related anti-White ideologies while seeking donations, even if it turns away long-time donors.

If they f*ck with you, HOMESCHOOL!! Take away their funding!! “One of the books, Lawn Boy by Jonathan Evison, describes graphically sexual acts involving an adult and a 10-year-old. The other book, Gender Queer: A Memoir, has images of sexual activity between a boy and a man.”

Thank crypto-jew retard AOC, she loves criminal d*ck! “Shortly after being released on bail for possession of an illegal firearm, a violent thug walked up to a random child in New York City and shot him in the neck.”

The Democrats’ plummetted popularity is being driven by skyrocketing inflation and rising fuel costs under Joe Biden’s economy, a continued disaster on the U.S. Southern Border, the fallout from the disaster in Afghanistan, and numerous other issues.

MOSTLY ENTITLED BLACK OPPORTUNISTS: We have a criminal underclass in our society, one that festers and then finds excuses to explode. The media has omitted the race of the perpetrators, a policy that ironically makes race even more salient. Video footage shows the perpetrators were black. Eyewitness accounts confirm that. And the same tactic andContinue reading

According to a report by Food & Water Watch, “grocery cartels” comprised of corporate monopolies have created a false illusion of consumer choice in a system that’s also draining local communities and enriching corporate executives.

Some studies have demonstrated a reduction in dental cavities after water fluoridation programs, but many others have found that over exposure to fluoride leads to a reduction in IQ and bone demineralization and fracture. It also is an endocrine disruptor.

CALIFORNIZUELA INSANITY: The sweeping new mask mandate states that “all persons must wear face coverings at all times when indoors” and says violations constitute “an imminent threat and menace to public health, constitutes a public nuisance, and is punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.”

Almost none of the 82,000 people airlifted from Kabul in August were vetted before being admitted to the United States, despite claims to the contrary from the Biden administration, according to a congressional memo summarizing interviews with federal officials who oversaw the effort at domestic and international military bases.

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