Well, only Cubans and Venezuelans can speak from experience about the hunger and misery that socialism and communism brings. I hope Americans pay attention! Media SILENT About Massive Latino Caravan That Hit Miami…SUPPORTING TRUMP!

I say DOUBLE DOWN!!! If there’s ANY chance to save what’s left of the UK, it’s now the time to do something! EXCELLENT! PM Boris Johnson to withdraw UK from major EU human rights laws to make it easier to deport illegal alien Muslim invaders

You mean those murderous looting RIOTERS!?You want to make their mission of killing the police easier, huh!? You satanic POS! 😡 MA Senator: “We Must Disarm” Police Of Their “Weapons Of War”

Will you accept this is war NOW or until it literally reaches your door step!? Do not engage in self-delusion, it won’t make it go away. Time to face reality and go out and PUSH BACK! Rochester Rioters Put Police Families In Peril – Seek To Harm Women And Children!

Deviants are taking over the Earth. The U.N. must be defunded for their neverending perversities! UN Appoints Former Abortionist And Teen Prostitution Advocate As Its Top Expert On Health And Human Rights

Low IQ gorilla wants, once again, for whitey to open their wallets so she can increase in size for free. MO’ GIBS!!🦍 BLM Activist Teaches Tenets Of Critical Race Theory – ‘All White People Are Racist’ Now Give Me Your Money

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