THEY’RE IN GUANTANAMO 2.0 “A shocking video out of Brisbane, Australia shows an elderly man suffering a suspected heart attack after he was arrested by police for not wearing a mask outside while exercising.” Australian Man Suffers Suspected Heart Attack While Under Arrest For Not Wearing a Mask

“Higher education kind of destroyed me.” Gina Bontempo graduated Harvard University as an angry atheist taught to hate America. So much so that she abandoned her birth country for Australia. When a freak accident sent her back to the U.S., a video by Candace Owens, then others by Dave Rubin and PragerU, opened her eyesContinue reading

“dIvErSiTy iS tHeIr sTrEnGtH 🥴” “Statistically, two girls or women are raped by groups of men every day in Germany. This is the finding of a Bild inquiry to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).”

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