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Calls for reparations payments for the descendants of slaves and colonized peoples, the “latest obsession of the radical left,” as The Hill puts it, are currently growing, as is the tab. For example, San Francisco is proposing paying $5 million to each black resident, along with a guaranteed income of $97,000 for 250 years, andContinue reading

Mexican consulates are centers of Mexican meddling. They defend illegal aliens, promote dual citizenship and claim sovereignty over American citizens of Mexican ancestry. Mexico has planted 52 two of these subversion centers on American soil, the largest consular network in the world. Here’s the upshot of it all: Mexico claims jurisdiction of all children bornContinue reading

She Said Equinox Fired Her for Being a Black Woman. A Jury Agreed. The high-end gym franchise was ordered to pay Röbynn Europe, a former employee, damages of $11.25 million. It would be interesting to see a study following up blacks who win these kind of absurdly large payouts from dimwitted juries in discrimination lawsuits.Continue reading

A New York City theater district hotel has replaced show-goers with illegal aliens as clients that Gotham pays $500 per night to house. The illegal aliens relocated to NYC, a sanctuary city with a guaranteed housing policy estimated to cost city taxpayers more than $4 billion this fiscal year. A former Row NYC hotel employeeContinue reading

In his testimony, Hu said his findings were comparable in magnitude to the impact of lead exposure, and in his closing statement said, “It is my opinion to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, that the results of the element studies support the conclusion that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxicant at levels of internalized exposureContinue reading

As someone who has received 4 blood transfusions before, this is scary… “He believes the FDA’s new guidance is more of “a political stunt” than an effort to protect the public. “When we start compromising principles for political correctness, we’re losing our direction,” Sherwood suggested. “This is a natural next step in the regressive progression.”Continue reading

REMEMBER, WE ALLOW THIS: A new “anti-terrorism” program launched by Democrat President Joe Bidne’s administration places Christians, conservatives, and Republicans in the same category as Nazis.

The decision, which could be released any time from now to July due to the complex and politically fraught nature of the case, has pit several Jewish organizations against a dwindling number of civil liberties groups willing to defend the Constitutional right to free speech.

WE NEED THIS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. “Because of the uncertainty and actions of DeSantis, non-citizens in Florida are looking at other sanctuary cities outside of Florida,” the DHS official told the DCNF. “A lot of them come here seeking medical benefits and treatments, and with those being difficult to acquire now, a lot ofContinue reading

Former Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi warned all GOP candidates to expect the Biden administration to use the weaponization of federal agencies against them.

WHO to Use ‘Listening Surveillance Systems’ to Monitor Americans’ Speech for ‘Misinformation’Congress is launching an investigation into the World Health Organization (WHO) after details emerged of the United Nations health body’s disturbing Orwellian plan to combat so-called “misinformation.”