The satanic hypocrites enabled this, and now, when it gets too hot they flee, the filthy cowards! Leaving the chaos, criminality and destruction only for the “peasants”. If at this point people in those cities don’t vote the Democrat rats out, then they enjoy the mayhem. All we will do then is look the otherContinue reading

Vote all Democrats out, vote for Americans for America!! ALEK SKARLATOS: Five years ago, he stopped what was about to be a deadly Muslim terrorist attack on a train to Paris, today he is running for Congress in Oregon to help save America.

The satanic BBC covering up for JIHADIST invaders! Gutless BBC covered up the (Somali Muslim) identity of the ‘knifeman’ who brutally stabbed 7 innocent people, killing one and critically injuring two in Birmingham

If you’re not boycotting the NFL at this point, you’re basically funding traitors. That mongrel should he ARRESTED, not rewarded for all the destruction he’s encouraged! NFL Feels ‘White Guilt’ Over Booting Kaepernick, Propose Inducting Him Into Hall Of Fame Saying, “He Sacrificed His Career For His Country”

Sounds like the election fraud that took place in Honduras a few years ago. 🤔 Full blown third world garbage happening in this country now. Zuckerberg: Americans Need to Accept Election Result Could Take Weeks to be Confirmed

The Deep State came for her for doing the right thing! We must rise against the criminals!! Police Chief Under Investigation After Charging Virginia Democrat, NAACP Leaders in BLM Monument Attack

If he only knew that nobody ever stopped them and that now they’re actively destroying America. Just terrible. From 1964. Still relevant — Stan Darsh (@nachoblack) September 7, 2020

More white Antifa retards insulting and harassing the black people they claim to defend. Sometimes these rich white cunts can’t keep the act up long enough. “You’re setting fires in the streets?” asks a black female driver tonight who is stopped by antifa rioters in north Portland. “Get out of my way!” She refuses toContinue reading

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