Now muslim invaders are killing Priests inside churches, and the liberal authorities are pretending they don’t know the motive. PATHETIC! Greek Orthodox priest shot at church in Lyon, France, suspect at large: police

THEY beheaded an innocent teacher over cartoons, but yet they’re the victims!?!? And westerners just take this, instead of gassing the sh*t out of them and then starting mass repatriations. GERMANY: Shouting “Allahu Akbar,” Muslims march in a hate rally in Berlin following the beheadings and murders by Muslims in France

Nadales is speaking out to warn the public by sharing his troubling, yet all too common, story of why he ended up joining Antifa. He explains that while growing up in the United States, the media (Spanish networks in particular) and school were his two main sources of anti-American propaganda. “A lot of [Spanish media]Continue reading

Reading is taught in confusing and counterproductive ways. Similarly, arithmetic is undercut by dismissing mastery and memorization. Foundational information, including geography, history, and science, is scattered about. Progressive educators seem to have reached a deep insight. If they can limit “language and number,” everything else is limited. The professors who design classroom methods seem hostileContinue reading

“Under the Biden plan,” Trump warned, “the horrifying attacks in France will come to our cities and our towns….These Radical Islamic terrorist attacks must stop immediately. No country, France or otherwise, can long put up with it!” Biden declared: “As president, I’ll work with you to rip the poison of hate from our society, honorContinue reading

He is essentially calling for the criminalization even of private conversations that appear to be critical of Islam. If he isn’t roundly criticized and removed from office, it will be another sign of Britain’s imminent demise as a free society. This is what the Islamic invasion and infiltration in western governments (and courts) does toContinue reading

“Macron plans to introduce a Uniform Civil Code to enforce separation of religion and the secular state. It would require enhanced scrutiny of Islamic activities and would ban foreign funding of mosques and Islamic institutions as well as banning foreign imams from presiding over mosques.” Mass repatriations is the ONLY way! Don’t these people knowContinue reading

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