Joke or not, what’s for sure is that the dead and tons of illegals will be voting in this coming elections. We must demand voter ID’s and no mail on ballots! Hulk Hogan Claims His Friend Received a Mail-in Ballot For His Dog

They’re threatening us into not voting for Trump, or else they’ll bring MORE violence. VOTE ALL THOSE TERRORISTS OUT!! REGARDLESS!! Washington Post: Election Result Will “Spark Violence” Unless It’s a Biden Landslide

The muslim multicultural enrichers in France, having machete fights against citizens in no go zones aka MUSLIM CALIPHATES, an invading country inside another country. But everybody ridiculed President Trump when he made these facts evident. Now this is how they live and they want the same for America. Una enriquecedora no-go zone en un barrioContinue reading

“ITALY: Four Illegal alien African invaders beat up young boy and steal his phone.” Why are Europeans allowing themselves to be slaughtered by invaders!?!? Are you so brainwashed that you can’t start hunting them down and kicking them out of your countries!? What’s wrong with you!? Where’s your will to live!? Italia, quattro clandestini africaniContinue reading

Don’t dare call the police on a black or brown criminal, whitey! The injustice system is on his criminal side! You MUST allow yourself to be assaulted, robbed, raped and maybe even killed. Otherwise law enforcement will arrest YOU for being a “racist”! Hellhole USA Episode 4: It is now ILLEGAL for WHITES to callContinue reading

So now the BLM CARTEL is forbidding law enforcement to kill violent black criminals! BLM needs to be declared a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, its lead members given lengthy jail sentences to make an example of them! Countries need law and order to thrive, and these minority and race MERCHANTS want the opposite! BREAKING: DC Police KillContinue reading

DEFEND YOURSELVES. Don’t become another victim of black/liberal crime due to legal intimidation. Defend yourselves with all your might REGARDLESS! Like they said, IT’S WAR. Believe them. Black Lives Matter Rally Flyer States: ‘If It Burns, It Burns. This Is War’

If they don’t like it, the Islamic invaders can go back to their muslim hell holes! They need to leave America alone! MUCH TO CAIR’s dismay, California cop who wore a patch from a pro-America patriot group won’t be fired

While sociopath Democrats try to scapegoat Kyle Rittenhouse for actual self defense, they have these killer animals that they free into society. The judge should be criminally charged! Antifa Rioter Charged With Double Murder ONE WEEK After Being Released Without Bail — Portland D.A. REFUSED To Press Charges

WHEN WILL EUROPEANS RISE UP AGAINST THE INVASION!?!? Go after the politicians and elites doing this to you!!! VOX Party warns Spain’s Socialist government: “Citizens will NOT allow the country to be turned into a multicultural dung heap”

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