My job is to help women give birth, but I was banned from using the word “mother”’. With gender-neutral language becoming obligatory for midwives, RT speaks to one home birthing attendant who has had enough of the “Orwellian trans takeover” and believes it’s time to confront it.

This is how emboldened these black criminals have become. They’re a menace to every race in this country, yet want privileges others don’t have. The leniency in their sentences, the constant media cover up of their crimes, bad habits and behaviors. The trillions spent to try and better them. NOTHING HAS WORKED. Affirmative action hasContinue reading

TOO LATE. People already know who destroyed the economy, left the borders open for invaders to take everything from us during a crisis, gas is double what it used to, inflation through the roof, violent criminals freed everywhere to kill us, and now we’re Venezuela, with FOOD SHORTAGES EVERYWHERE!! So at this point those stupidContinue reading

How long does it take on average to open a new mineral or metal mine in the United States? 17 years. China, the world’s largest economy and our biggest competitor, can open a mine and a mineral processing facility in less than half that time. That matters because minerals and metals are essential to theContinue reading

What do tyrants do when their ship is sinking or, more accurately, when they realize that their house of cards will not hold up? They divert their populace by starting a war — or at least allowing one to happen. War isn’t simply a way of diverting attention, either. The very fact of a warContinue reading

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