No national news. Virtually no press outside of the city.

It’s just life in a society where whiteness has been supplanted, and western civilization is waning.

Remember, even the New York Times admitted 75 percent of mass shooters in America are black.

It specifically sites suspending the Migrant Protection Protocols, otherwise known as the Remain in Mexico Policy, and terminating the public health authority, Title 42, as contributing to an influx of people coming to the U.S. southern border from Central and South America through Mexico.

“We are in the midst of a national opioid crisis and the deadliest drugs are being smuggled into our country from Mexico,” Moody said in a statement. “President Biden knows this, yet he continues to double down on his terrible immigration policies knowing full well these policies are emboldening and enriching the very drug cartels who are profiting off the deaths of thousands of Americans.”

Entitled “U.S. Customs and Border Protection Overview of the Southwest Border,” the 8-page redacted document describes the role of Mexican cartels and transnational, organized-criminal networks in smuggling people to the U.S.

Records show they pumped millions into the company to “prevent climate change due to gases created in formula manufacturing.

“The firm pitches its products as “a green alternative to baby formula.”

The news has emerged while American families are currently struggling amid a nationwide baby formula shortage.

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