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The University of California trustees have permanently banned the use of the SAT/ACT tests for deciding which undergraduates to admit.

But the pesky voters keep banning affirmative action.

So what they seem to be doing, especially at UC San Diego, the third most prestigious campus after Berkeley and UCLA, is doing affirmative action by school: a thumb is put on the scale in favor of applicants from heavily Latino schools, while kids who go to white or Asian schools are in big trouble.

The Kremlin, convinced by Washington’s neoconservatives and their domination of every US government in the 21st century that the US intends the destruction of Russia, is preparing for nuclear war. Several times Putin has made the public statement that it is clear that the West intends Russia’s destruction.

It is incomprehensible that Washington is so reckless, so irresponsible, so utterly stupid as to have convinced the Kremlin that Washington intends Russia’s destruction. It is extraordinary that Putin’s statements produced no reassurances from the White House.

When Russia is prepared, the US and the capitals of its NATO puppets face annihilation.

Try to comprehend the enormous failure of US foreign policy to have led Russia to such a desperate conclusion.

True Conscience cannot be Imposed from Above — The Paradox of how ‘White Guilt’ under Jewish Manipulation turned into White Evil in support of Jewish Supremacism.

American(and Western by extension) morality is mostly bogus, not least because the hollow souls of goyim are at the mercy of the gods controlled by Jewish Power. Most goyim possess nothing like a self-generating autonomy of conscience.

Their moral engines are usually dormant UNLESS switched on by some outside force. Many are totally partisan in their morality, and this goes for both sides.

Despite the horrific, murderous shooting rampage by a gender-confused woman that killed young students and school personnel at a Christian school in Nashville on Monday, transgender activists have given no indication that they intend to cancel their planned “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. this weekend.

The timing of the “Trans Day of Vengeance” immediately following a mass murder of Christian children by a trans activist has faced criticism for its remarkably ill-conceived timing. In a sense, the shooting in Nashville was a “Trans Day of Vengeance,” inflicted upon vulnerable innocents.

A family of the hero schoolgirl who was shot and killed trying to pull the fire alarm to stop a transgender shooter from opening fire on her classmates has broken their silence. Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9, was one of the victims shot by Audrey Hale, 28, after she opened fire at a Nashville Christian school.

The World Bank is promoting a Marxist agenda that involves the public surrendering their children to a global childcare regime.

In just a few words, this far-left ideology labels the work of bearing and raising human beings as an “unproductive activity.”

The doctrine insists that women must be emancipated from raising children so they can equally contribute to the economic security of the global elite.

Sometimes cops apprehend dangerous low-level (non-ruling class) criminals. In a tight situation, a cop could save your ass. However, that’s not their primary function.

Police help maintain order. In the US, “order” means remaining docile while ravenous oligarchs loot the system. As oligarchs grow richer the general public becomes poorer. Poverty breeds crime. A society ruled by criminals needs lots of cops.