More Trump supporters on the making. Keep rioting and harassing innocent residents, RETARDS!! All you’re doing is making more Trump voters.

You’ll NEVER win this election without rigging it. And you sick sh*ts know it.

‘Afraid to leave my home’: Residents describe city on the brink at Minneapolis committee meeting

It’s time this President makes “cancel culture” illegal.

To me, it’s akin to terrorism. The devastation it leaves behind for having your own opinions is a tactic used by communist terrorists in early Mao’s China, but this time using the anonymity of the Internet to hide their coward faces.

It makes it impossible to have a life in this country if you dare to be normal or strive for normalcy.

Arresting a group of these individuals would send a powerful message to people like infamous doxxer Antifash Gordon, and others organizing this humiliation sessions. This is not communist China and we must show them by giving them consequences for this behavior!

Chinese military training in Canada and Mexico

Chinese troops, armor, and artillery in places like Mexico and Canada, being staged for a physical invasion

For many years, rumors have circulated about the alleged “massing” of Chinese troops, armor, and artillery in places like Mexico and Canada, being staged for a physical invasion of the United States. Most folks – even me – laughed these rumors off. I’m not laughing now . . . Below is video from Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. It shows uniformed Chinese military on a back road.


Tips are not mandatory. And if the waitress is doing political activism during work hours, that’s unprofessional and shouldn’t be encouraged by leaving a tip.

If a waitress wore a MAGA anything, she wouldn’t lose any tips, she’d be fired!!

Therefore it’s unfair that this man lost his livelihood over a rude waitress that believes that terrorist activism belongs at the work place (like many unprofessional deranged leftists)!

“Sacrifices consisting of second mortgages, foregoing vacations or even retirement, or pushing our kids into every extracurricular activity that could be crammed into a schedule with the hope of grabbing a college’s attention.

This perfectly admirable trait of the American character was exploited by the stewards of higher education so they could keep the diploma mill churning along. Once the populace was convinced that college was essential, colleges had a captive audience that could be manipulated economically and socially.”

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