While most may not realize it, North Carolina is ground zero for the battle over woke primary education at the state level. The state education board is majority progressive with one appointed member an anti-racist activist who openly supports the Black Panther-founded Rainbow Coalition of the 60s.


An 80-year-old woman was banned from using a community pool run by the YMCA in Washington state after she expressed her anger because she said that a man dressed in a woman’s swimsuit was watching little girls undress and also saw her naked in the women’s showers, according to local media reports.

We’ll start seeing more of this vigilante justice as courts fail to protect the innocent.

Many of these criminals are repeat offenders, or career criminals. Something that woke prosecutors refuse to end depending on race.

This flaming jew homo is Chesa Boudin’s best buddy, and the one who made it legal to intentionally infect another person with HIV.

He also made pedophilia legal in San Francisco.

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