While the globalist elites eat whatever they want when they please, they brainwash us and try to push us to the ultimate bottom of dehumanization possible.


As blacks keep getting unemployment and stimulus checks for no reason, they’re spending it ALL at the mall/stores, trips, and expensive vacations.

And the more trips they take, the more you see them in airports and airplanes behaving their usual way, LIKE SAVAGES. So airport brawls keep happening, and will continue until we stop Biden from giving them our hard earned tax money:

This is the privileged RACIST BLACK SUPREMACIST who called a Latino cop a “Mexican racist”, “murderer,” and “you’ll never be white”, among other racist and offensive comments because he planned to ticket her for texting while driving.

She’s a TEACHER at L.A. Southwest College.

These are the racist negroes poisoning your kids’ minds! Keep them from these marxist indoctrination centers!

Woman Who Called Cop A ‘Murderer’ In Viral Video Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths

A specter is haunting the Biden administration—the specter of inflation. Past inflations have not only harmed consumers, savers, and people on fixed incomes.

They have also brought down politicians. Among the risks to the Democratic congressional majority is a rise in prices that lifts inflation to near the top of voters’ concerns, coupled by the type of Fed rate increase that hits stocks and housing. Inflation is one more signpost on the road to Republican revival, along with illegal immigration, crime, and semi-closed public schools embracing far-left critical race theory.


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