Everybody feels the tyranny, others feel the threat of thousands of illegals (many criminals) flooding their communities, as well as the thousands of criminals freed from prisons nationwide because “mUh cOvIdZz🥴”.


I just received a bunch of notifications telling me that Congress is passing a bunch of laws MAKING VOTER FRAUD BASICALLY LEGAL and easier to do!


We must TAKE THEIR MONEY AWAY!! By boycotting everything they stand for!! Destroying the corporations that buy the politicians by not doing business with them! By refusing to buy Chinese! By resisting their ideologies and plans collectively in a strong united front!

Baltimore high school student has passed 3 classes in 4 years and has a GPA of 0.1373. Mother, working 3 jobs, thought he was doing well. He is in the top half of his class. Baltimore schools are among the most funded in the country and take school funds from tax payers in surrounding districts, outside of Baltimore. Each year, Baltimore calls for additional funds to fix its education problems.

Public School Has Failed American Kids: Student with 0.13 GPA Ranks Near Top Half of Class

To their credit, some Republicans are fighting back.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has shown one way: lawfare. He sued the Biden administration over its deportation freeze and won. Just this week, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton issued an indefinite, nation-wide injunction against Biden’s deportation freeze, issued his first day in office [Federal Judge Deals Biden Another Blow on 100-Day Deportation Ban, by Sabrina Rodriguez, Politico, February 24, 2021]. Other attorneys general can follow Becerra’s example and file hundreds of lawsuits.

Twenty-six GOP congressmen protested Biden’s refugee expansion [House Republicans caution Biden administration against weakening vetting of refugees, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, February 10, 2021]. Establishment Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty is demanding answers from the administration on why it revoked the “Remain in Mexico” policy that kept asylum seekers out of the country.

Maybe the Stupid Party finally understands that opposing Open Borders is an issue that works in its favor.


So why is cancel culture, which is so demonstrably limiting, harmful, and antisocial — exacerbating intolerance and hatred, on the rise in America? That is best answered by simply identifying who benefits. Clearly external enemies of the United States benefit, particularly those who want to remake the world, like the Chinese Communist Party and elites associated with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, famous for its annual meetings in Davos and its push to bring about the “Great Reset.”

Translation: The Zionist Overlords and their puppets (fake presidents politicians, CEO’s, etc).


Soon America will be so filled with foreigners that America will become foreign to Americans. And those foreigners will tip the scale and overwhelm the system with all their welfare, food stamps, free health care, free education and a thousand other needs.

Have you seen Biden’s executive actions? Have you closely watched Biden’s first five weeks in office? It’s all dedicated to open borders. It’s an obsession. It’s all about illegal aliens. It’s about giving them every form of welfare imaginable. It’s about giving them rights, privileges and advantages American-born citizens don’t have.


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