And of course, a persecution has to start against Carlson AGAIN, for stating the obvious. The 17 yr old was helping defend what the authorities neglectfully abandoned, which was an entire town, as they watched the criminals loot and burn everything on their way.

This was a HATE CRIME that MSM is trying to pass as a “road rage” incident to defend the VIOLENT RACIST BLACK who killed two innocent white people when HE REAR ENDED THEM!

This is the second incident in a couple of days where blacks shoot at whites without any crimes or fights happening. This is PURE RACIAL TARGETING.

South Carolina has been invaded by NYC and NJ liberals, and those white, brown and black liberals have plenty of blacks in the South to recruit to start the extermination of the white population.

Whites need to be aware of blacks AT ALL TIMES!! And when you realize a black is after you on vehicles, have your weapons nearby. Always assume they’re out to harm you. NEVER RELAX AROUND THEM!

Not all illegal invaders are “Mexican”, many are muslim terrorists that once here fool the U.S. system by claiming to be “refugees”, like the Tsarnaev brothers (Boston bombers), slavic muslims are just as dangerous as Middle Eastern and African ones, but worse, because they look white and can easily pass through the cracks.

Muslims (legal or illegal) need to be repatriated. Unable to assimilate, they’re always a danger to the Western societies they infiltrate with aspirations to take over.

Well, the people who got shot were trying to burn a car dealership with armed people inside, they succeeded to burn others.

I can’t feel sorry for people who claim to be “protesting” social injustice, when in reality all they want to do is steal, burn and harm people who don’t agree with them.

Citizens will start defending themselves, because they know the difference between a protest, and criminal activity.

That was criminal activity.

“Despite allegedly being a “devout” Catholic, Joe Biden’s deafening silence in the face of growing anti-Catholic church vandalism and arson attacks around America, speaks volumes about his support for the people behind them, well as for Muslims who have been attacking/torching churches around the world for centuries, and shows no sign of ending, even today.”

RISING CHURCH ATTACKS: Yet another reason why Joe Biden has so much support from the Muslim community

This undeclared civil war that’s happening will only get worse. As cops are not allowed to do their job other than to slap criminals on the hand.

As more and more civilians arm themselves against the “peaceful protesters” (mostly violent communist rioters), we’ll also see the rioters arming themselves as they see an increase in deaths on their ranks.

When will these gaslighters at the government declare it a civil war!? Who knows, but it won’t get better unless those BLM/Antifa criminals are rounded up and charged at a federal level for TERRORISM.

There is a Body Count in Kenosha Tuesday Night — Armed Civilians Fire on Rioters Leaving Two Dead

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