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“Given the recent jihad attacks in France and Austria, and the new resolve to battle “political Islam,” with Austria aiming to “ban political Islam” and “shut down jihadi mosques,” Orbán will likely get further support against the EU’s pressure to force open borders, particularly from Austria and its traditional allies Slovakia and the Czech Republic.”

They MUST stand their ground or become the next Islamic hell hole.

Hungary’s Orbán faces off against EU’s ‘political persecution’ in forcing open borders, vows to block EU budget

When the Mexican President is more respectful of your President and laws than Democrats/MSM and RINOS. Embarrassing to say the least.

Thanks to AMLO anyway for showing more common sense than Zionist shill Netanyahu, who jumped the shark the very next day as a thank you (more like a huge “fuck you”) to President Trump and the American people for their kindness to them.

“The two greatest tools of a propagandist are repetition and suppression. The most common method is to repeat a focused narrative relentlessly, on as many venues as possible, to the targeted demographic. It will eventually be believed by a significant percentage of that demographic even though it may be demonstrably false.

While they are doing this they suppress counter information that might diminish or reveal the falsehood of their narrative. This technique has been used by totalitarian regimes for a very long time. It is common practice in Communist China and North Korea, the dictatorships of Russia and Venezuela, and other governments that restrict freedom and enslave their citizens. It has now come to the United States.”