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They’re simply laying low and avoiding burn out to blow up on election day.

Make no mistake, this isn’t going away until we force this government to take serious action against these Soros’ financed terrorists.

This is literally a plot to overthrow the U.S. government!

And where is Trump and its administration while this is happening!?

This communist organization is operating freely while plotting to destroy America and any citizen that gets in the way of their takeover during and after the election! They said it themselves, THEY WON’T STOP, no matter who wins.

This proves that MOST LEFTISTS ARE RICH or at least middle class, and their fancy schools are also solid rabid marxist indoctrination centers.

There’s no way around it, these rich entitled mother f-ckers are destroying this country and leaving the already poor population worse, without ever being affected due to THEIR privilege.

They do the same here in USA. Where they call obvious Mexicans (Hispanics), “man/woman from [insert USA city, town, State here]” instead of accepting that foreigners are committing tons of crimes along 13 percenters.

It’s a tactic used by the globalist elites to blame citizens for the sins of the hostile invaders they import. Just awful, people need to wake up.

Germany: Muslim ‘Asylum Seeker’ Attempts Bombing Attack, Media Rewrites Motive, Calls Bomber “Young Man From Lüdenscheid”