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ACTIVE SEDITION and illegal removal of the POTUS by Democrat criminals.

They MUST be arrested NOW! They do NOT choose who wins, WE DO!

They’re doing this because by now they know their mail voting scheme FAILED them miserably. So now they’re starting yet another coup and noone’s stopping these power drunk bastards. It’s insane!!

In any other sane country they’d be facing a wall with a fire squad bringing justice to this country!

This treacherous bitch should’ve been killed back then. But political correctness had already plagued this country with many communist bitches like this one.

To this day, this poisonous bitch wishes death on Americans while raising her disgusting communist fist and taking capitalist money to enrich herself and her Hollywood Jew commie buddies. I’ll pray to God to see the day of your fire squad execution, witch!

Remember, if the criminal is black, even if he fires at police officers, they’re not allowed to shoot back.

That’s what the BLM and Antifa terrorists are forcing on us (and the police) now.

Yet they’re not being arrested as pro-criminal terrorists. No, they’re hailed as virtuous “protesters” that destroy everything on their way, while terrorizing and attacking innocent people.