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They’re being expelled and racially cleansed in China too, just like Stalin did back then. The same will happen to the useful idiots here. They should stop their ungrateful garbage, or they may meet the same fate at the hands of their beloved communist buddies.

Two weeks ago a white TODDLER was kicked out of an airplane for not wearing her mask.

This fucking disrespectful entitled low IQ piece of shit troglodyte gets to stay!?!?

FUCK OFF!! These welfare rats are taking us for a ride! And now they’re telling you in your face! And what do white morons do!? NOTHING! They keep elevating these lesser bastards up without any merit! DISGUSTING!! Absolutely REVOLTING!

VIDEO: Black Woman Refuses To Move For White Flight Attendant…Shouts In Face Of Passenger: “Wake up, it’s 2020!…You don’t have white privilege over me”

The trailer is NOTHING compared to the actual movie.

I have only been able to stomach a few clips and as soon as the girls start dry humping, opening and touching their crotches I quit watching. I have read there’s even worse stuff, it’s horrifying!!

But you guessed it. MSM is trying to blame Conservatives and Christians instead of the evil liberal/leftist pedophiles who came up with that perverse disgusting film.

Pearson, recruiting “Inclusion Specialists” to further poison our schools with LGBT+ and white self-hating ideologies. They’re specially targetting the South’s school system and colleges.