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To anyone who’s black, remember, they only care about you if you bow down to their communist agenda, if you don’t, they won’t hesitate to attack you.

At THAT point they show you how your black life doesn’t matter to them. Only when you’re useful to them.

“The high-ranking Obama officer corps has already sold its collective soul for a handful of stars, and lots of colonels and generals would gleefully set their forces on uppity citizens – not rioters, but people like you – to please their Democrat masters.

When the Biden administration orders the cops and agents, and maybe soldiers, to imprison or kill gun owners, the uniformed flinkies will be expected to spill blood if necessary, because when you send government officials with weapons to enforce a law, whether to bust a guy peddling loose Marlboros or to confiscate AR15s, you have to assume that a certain number of those encounters will end with dead citizens. And to folks like Dick, that casualty count is a feature and not a bug.”

–Yup, this much the dying cop said to AJ. They’re coming for our guns and us.

Translation: I found out that the Antifa anarchists are not pro-Trump white supremacists.
They’re just a bunch of entitled violent sociopaths raised by America’s middle class liberals, and aided by Facebook and Twitter to organize the destruction of Western civilization just because.

-Yeah, I bet that’ll resonate with hard working tax payers. Vote Biden yo’ 😂